Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 10 Moments for a Crossfitter

A journey to a healthy lifestyle is a personal one. How you get there, why you do it, and how it changes you are all unique experiences for each person. But... top 10 lists rock, so I thought I'd try to find 10 great moments in every Crossfitter's life.

10. Surviving your first WOD. You don't think it is a top 10 moment at the time. Matter of fact, you probably thought it was a top 10 worst ideas you've ever had. But months later, you realize surviving the first was a great moment.

9. The first time a "new guy" comes in and YOU explain the WOD to him. You realize you are no longer the newbie... he is! :D

8. Completing your first "girl" WOD. Us men love it because we like to run around all day declaring "I did _________, today!"

7. Writing "RX" next to your name on the white board. I don't mean a running WOD, but one with weights or body weight movements. You worked hard, you gained strength, you Rx'd!

6. Finishing your first Hero WOD. You know your mental grit and tenacity have reached new heights.

5. Your first pull-up without a band. Some fit people never experience the sheer joy of working hard for months and FINALLY shedding the bands. It can be a long hard road but the reward is so sweet.

4. Repeating your first WOD and destroying it compared to last time. This usually happens at about 3 - 4 months and it validates all the sweat and tears you have shed.

3. Finally beating "that guy". You know the one, the one you never thought you could out run or out lift. Finally one day, it all works in your favor and you leave him in the dust. It's rare, but it's great.

2. PR'ing your nemesis. It can be a WOD (Fight Gone Bad was mine) or a move (Squat Cleans), but we all have our ONE hated, dreaded nemesis. Finally kicking it in the teeth is a feeling like no other.

1. The TOP moment in CF, in my opinion is the day people realize you are different. You look better, you feel better, and you carry with more confidence. This is the moment they ask you, "what is the secret?" It's your turn to convert someone to a new lifestyle.

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