Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Back Newbies...

After a few month hiatus, I realized that I miss blogging about fitness and specifically Crossfit (also known as the "Fitness Cult" or "Those Crazy People").   For those of you not aware of my past, my old blog was 40 year old fat guy with 1 arm gets fit.  The title was no longer appropriate so I stopped blogging.  However, I have too damn many words to go cold turkey, so I have to get it out, and you have to read it.  HAHA...

Well, my progress has remained steady, but I don't want this blog to be about me.  I want it to be about the newbies.  You know, the ones joining gyms and making resolutions in January.  My statement is not a criticism, hell at least you give a damn to try.  The question is do you give a damn enough to stop trying and just do?  Crossfit requires doing.  It is not kind to people "trying".  It usually chews them up and spits them out about round 3.  During round 4 the rest of us step on you ... a lot.

So, I have some advice to any and all Crossfit newbies.  Here is my original advice as a fat guy just a few months ago:  Crossfit Tips.  Those were good tips, but left a lot to be desired.  After celebrating 1 year in Crossfit, I have some recommendations for anyone really wanting to get results.

1. Commit to Crossfit for at least 1 month with no skips or substitutes.  The only acceptable excuse for skipping a class is (a) an injury or (b) a family emergency.  Other than that, you MUST go to the box and do the WOD.  Don't make up your own.  Do the damn WOD.

2. Listen, learn, set aside your ego, and accept that you suck.  Everyone sucks at Crossfit when they start.  If you don't suck at it, then you probably don't need it.  Get over yourself and stop trying to come in to show everyone how big your balls are (note: I use this analogy because its typically us guys with the egos, most women don't have egos or balls).  Just listen to the trainer, do what he says, and do your best.

3. Learn the form.  VERY important.  Check the ego, keep the heavy weight off the bar until you stop screwing up the form.  Form = safe performance = results = big balls.  Note: realize that proper form takes MONTHS to perfect.  So don't get discouraged, but don't think you have it in a week.  Unless you have only 1 arm, do not follow the form over to the right.

4. Measure your body, take pictures, find a pair of pants that barely fit.  Write it all down, and put it somewhere safe for a month.  Come back at the end and do a comparison.  The progress may be slight but it WILL be noticeable.  Notice I didn't say weigh.  You can, but you'll be disappointed.  Crossfit builds muscle, especially the first few months.  You will gain weight at first.  Then the fat starts melting :D

5. Socialize, make friends.  We all give a damn about you and want you to be successful.  Introduce yourself, tell me your goal, ask for my help, give me money cause this blog is SO DAMN GOOD. ;)  See... my friend is sharing my box.  I just wish he'd kept his shirt on.

6. Don't skip.  Yeah I already said it.  But at first, you don't realize there is a proven method of WOD programming.  If you skip or sub a WOD, you are saying your programing is better.  It isn't, not yet.  Maybe one day, but not until you study the theory and experience it.  If you hate Cardio, oh well.  If you hate Weight day, oh well.  CROSSfit, CROSSES many aspects of fitness.  Success = doing ALL the WODs.

Month 2 will actually be less kind than month 1.  I'll tell you why later.

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  1.'re awesome and you crack me up...glad to see your back to blogging. I'm forwarding this link to all my clients. I tell them about you and only after I tell them your weight loss total, do I tell them about your handicap. Have a great weekend...looking forward to the next entry.