Monday, May 6, 2013

Yeah, I'm a Dad

10 ways I can tell I'm a Dad to a 2.5 year old girl:

10.  I know how to wash a mermaid doll's hair.
9.  The laceration on my left foot is in the shape of Cinderella's hair bun.
8.  Somehow, I have Tinker Bell's greatest hits on my iPhone.
7.  Soggy chicken fingers aren't that bad.
6.  I don't flinch when I get "lotioned" up all over my hairy legs.
5.  I have an opinion on whether it should be monkey or princess panties.
4. I know to wipe front to back.
3. I consider rocking exercise.
2. I'm really happy.

And the number 1 reason I know I'm a dad to a 2.5 year old daughter:

1. I just finished pushing a Barbie doll in a swing for 10 minutes at my daughter's insistence.

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