Thursday, February 24, 2011


Just as Edwin Star asked the same question about War, I wondered what is Fear good for?
We all get afraid, we all experience FEAR in life.  Today, I'm talking about it in the context of our health and specifically Crossfit.  When I first started, I was afraid... very afraid almost everyday.  It's odd to think back now because I can't even recall why I was afraid.  I can not articulate what I was actually afraid of.

I'm not afraid of much.  At age 41, in my (wonderful) second marriage, with my third child working at a tough company for 20 years ... I've lived through a lot.  I'm not a tough guy like our military, police, or firemen but not much in normal life scares me.  So what the hell was I afraid of?  I'm honestly not sure.

"I am afraid of the WOD" is too generic of an answer.  You can't be afraid of a WOD.  Are you afraid of dying from it?  Are you afraid that it will hurt?  Are you afraid that you will embarrass yourself with a DNF (did not finish)?  Next time you say you are "afraid of the WOD", ask yourself to be more specific.  If you are even able to provide an answer, it'll likely be lame enough that you will quickly lose the fear and develop a more positive attitude towards it.

Now that I've doled out advice, I'm promptly ignoring for the next paragraph.  However, I did feel fear a few nights ago during the Back Squat WOD.  It dawned on me... heavy back squats still strike fear in me.  I am afraid I will blow out my knee or tear a leg muscle.  Reasonable?  Maybe.  Likely?  Doubtful.  I just know that it is keeping me from achieving better weight, improving my form, and impressing my wife (she monitors my back squat max performance carefully).  It is time I overcome the fear somehow, some way... to achieve more.  My approach?  I'm going to take my own damn advice and see what happens.

By the way.... clowns and snakes are a WHOLE different story.

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  1. Another great entry Bryon. Ughhh...can't stand clowns. Snakes...ehhh...not as much.