Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Most Hated

After a few days containing some of Crossfit's most despised movements, I started wondering what was THE most hated.  Unfortunately, I don't have the ability, nor readership circulation to do a scientific poll... so I get to pick (Blogger Powers... activate!).  My first task was to write down all the movements we do.  I count almost 60 main movements.  Some of these are Crossfit 540 specials, but most are Crossfit staples.

Before I rank them, I thought it would be interesting to put them in categories.  Now of course no movement is pure anything, so I put them in their predominant classes.

Cardio/ Endurance:
Run, Box Jumps, Double Unders, Box Overs, Air squats, Beep Test, Suicides, Mountain Climbs, Rowing, Dan Cs (unspeakables), Reversal Burpees, Side Steps, Squat Jumps, Burpees, Frog Jumps, Lunges, Jumping Pull ups, Commandos, Weighted Lunges
Olympic Lifting/ Technique:
Back squats, Front squats, Sumo Dead lift High Pulls, Dead lifts, Power Clean, Squat Clean, Power Snatch, Hanging Power Clean, Shoulder Press Push Press, Push Jerk, Bench Press, Thrusters, Turkish Getups, OH Squat, Farmer Carry, Ground to OH
Gymnastics/ Calisthenics:
Push ups, Pull ups, Sit ups, GHDs, Back Extensions, Chest to Bar, Toe to Bar, Knees to Elbow, Wall Balls, Ring Dips, Hand stand push up, KB swings, Cousins, Burpee Pull ups, Commando Push ups,

Flytraps, Muscle Ups, Moonies, Tire Flip, Planks, Twofers, Upsey Daisies

We obviously do a lot of different moves.  Sometimes I actually start missing a move and try to predict when it will show back up.  99.67% of the time I'm wrong.  I like to look at the list though and smile with the realization of why my old program was so ineffective:

Eliptical (maybe a run here and there)
Oly Lifts:
Bench Press, Shoulder Press
Gymnastics/ Calisthenics:
Stupid Exercises We Don't Do:
Arm Curls, Tricep Extensions, Leg Curls, Leg Press, Calf Raises, Lat Pulls, Chest Crossovers, Cable Presses, Twisty Ab Thingy...

I was missing so much it isn't funny.  What is funny is I rarely did any of the ones I just listed.  I limited most of my WODs to 30 mins on the elliptical reading a book (yep, got a lot of reading done... BTW, I thought I was REALLY kicking ass if I kept going past time because the chapter I was reading was so good.)  Then my POST WOD exercise was a 12 ounce curl... 6 - 8 reps.  

So on to the rankings.  I'm not ranking all of them, just the ones that make your stomach drop when you read the WOD blog at 10pm.

Sucks Worse a Root Canal:
Box Jumps
KB Swings
Toes to Bar

Makes You Want to Slap Your Momma:
Front Squats
Wall Balls (though I like them)
Beep Test
Weighted Lunges

And finally, Hell's Spawn:
Thrusters and Frog Jumps

What do you hate the most?

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  1. squat cleans, thrusters and wall balls. though we did some wall ball combination with kettle bel move that sucked terribly