Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crap I've Learned this Week

Totally Random, but Enlightening

1.  If our work janitor calls in sick, the men's bathroom runs out of toilet paper at exactly 9:37am.
2.  Related to #1, Bounty may be the quicker picker upper, but it ain't the softer wiper upper.
3.  If you aren't very strong but want to do push-ups anyway, you can buy a Push Up Pump to help you maintain your weakness.
4.  Drinking and ordering on-line should be mutually exclusive activities.
5.  On a pull-up ripped hand, many things will make it sting.... but in least to most hurtful are:  salt, water, soap, shampoo.... but the worst is hair gel... ouch.
6.  Tabasco Chipotle is the tastiest low calorie condiment in the entire world.
7.  If you've been married for more than 7 years AND you forget to plan something for your wife's birthday AND it's cold outside, you need long underwear to survive sleeping outside.
8.  Related to #7, your wife gets to hand you a long birthday wish list of expensive items.  All of which you will buy.
9.  At work, you always want to toilet seat to be cold.  Never do you want to sit on a warm one.
10.  Elmo and Jimmy Fallon are the funniest comic duo I've seen in a long while.

Have a great week.  I hope you learn something too.

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