Monday, January 30, 2012

10 Things to Never Say on Facebook

I written before about how Facebook is a lot about bragging.  Everyone, myself included, does a lot of "look at what I did" posts as a mini pat on the back.  It's usually pretty harmless, but sometimes it gets a little out of control.  Hence, my top 10 things you should post on Facebook.

Warning, Adult Humor:
10.  Hey guys, I was wrong, that toe fungus IS contagious.  P.S. Can I have my socks back?
9.  I was right, that cream is making that place I discovered feel better.
8.  Second best booty call EVER!
7.  I didn't know condoms expired.
6.  Dude, I just palmed $5000 in chips from Caesars Palace!
5.  My mom just told me I wasn't supposed to be an only child, but I was so special, they decided to stop!
4.  Master Bater... just set a PR.
3.  My girlfriend just told me I kiss better than her dad!
2.  I just finished cataloging all 456 of my comic books!!

and the number 1 thing not to brag about on Facebook:

1. Forgot my underwear in my gym bag... WODing Commando!

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