Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 10 New Year's Crossfit Resolutions

My <sarcastic> NY resolutions...

10.  Not to mutter "go f--- yourself" under my breath, to the trainer, when my squat isn't deep enough.
9. Not to steal someone else's <bar, kettlebell, band, box, wife, husband, or score> during a WOD.
8. To write down my score before the endorphins wear off and completely forget where I am.
7. Not to make voodoo dolls replicas of the "fast people" and poke needles in their legs just before a running WOD.
6. Not to take the chalk out of the bucket... even when I just to write my rep count on the floor.
5. To bomb the bar from way overhead with 5 lb weights.  I know it makes me look bad ass to hold 55 lbs overhead and then just drop it, but I know it's not good for the equipment.
4. To run like a gazelle, lift like a beast, and whimper afterwards like a baby.
3. To buy no less than 18 t-shirts, 14 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of rope climbing socks, 83 rolls of tape, 15 lbs of protein powder, and 9 subscriptions to the Crossfit Journal.  Dedication... all it takes is a little cash.
2.  To  NEVER, EVER, EVER think a "100 day burpee challenge" is in any way a good idea.

and finally,

1. To recognize and cherish the outstanding people I have met at Crossfit 540.  To continue the life changing, life enhancing, life extending, programming from Trevor Belline.  To set an example for others by working as hard as I can each and every day.  To greet and welcome each new person and make them feel welcome in an intimidating environment.  To improve my form in lifting, running, and especially squatting.  To work on my mobility, my warm-ups, and my nutrition, all to become even better in 2012.

Happy New Year Crossfit 540ers...


  1. hi RE #2, can't tell if you're being sarcastic. is a burpee challenge a bad idea? i'm doing one now.

  2. 10 of us from CF 540 started a 100 day burpee challenge last year. We made it to about day 35 and realized we were all suffering various repetitive motion injuries from it, so we all stopped. That's one of the reasons CF is so effective at avoiding RMIs.

  3. i think you just talked me out of it. looking back i think the only time i had a rotator cuff injury was during a period i was doing lots of burpees.