Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Greatest (and Worst) Moments in My World of Crossfit

I wasn't sure how to title this because these are a mix of my personal moments along with my witnessing other moments that warrant attention.  So I did the best I could.

The Top 5 Greatest
5.  Meeting people from every walk of life, only sharing 1 thing in common... at first, and then becoming friends beyond the gym.

4.  Watching people grow up in front of your eyes.  Mind you, I'm talking about people of all ages.  People finding their way and staying in town because they find their way... people coming back because they know where home is... and people simply finding a new person inside of themselves... one more confident and tenacious than they'd imagined.

3.  Accomplishing more than I dreamed:  The first time I got a Rx pull-up, the first time I Rx'd a pull up WOD.  The time I ran a 5k in under 24 minutes. I haven't come within 3 minutes of again...

2.  Watching people set PRs on weight WODs, or getting their first MU or PU.  The excitement they display is unparalleled.

and my favorite moment:

1.  Getting to walk around all day saying "I did Diane (Elizabeth, Karen, Angie, Fran, etc.) today!!!"  All day... to clueless people.

Top 5 Worst Moments:
5.  Ripping my hands, badly on pull up # 98 of a 100 pull up WOD.

4.  Being constantly reminded that people seem to be most gassy at 5:15 in the morning.

3.  Watching a wall ball fall just short of the white.... again and again.  I've decided I'm wearing platform shoes next time we do Karen.

2. Really crowded WODs when finding a pull up bar is like a game of musical chairs...

and the worst moment:

1. Last week as the reality hit me... I have to cut back on some movements due to a nagging injury.

What are your top moments?  Good or bad?

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